Our Teaching Philosophy is simple: We don’t just tell, we don’t just teach, WE INVOLVE YOU.

All our teachers are fully qualified or in the process of completing their degree in Education and Teaching. This guarantees that our staff members are not only proficient in their chosen field but more importantly, they are able to actually teach your child the content required so that they have a better understanding of their work.

According to The Employment Screening Unit of the Department of Education and Training, all staff must and have completed a “Working with Children Background Check” allowing them to work with children of all ages.

Our Mission

We believe learning should be an exciting and unique experience always involving you. We believe it is crucial for the development of self-esteem that students be constantly and positively encouraged. We do this through written confirmations, parental communication and by genuine praise and encouragement. We affiliate closely to our students in order to provide the appropriate mix of guidance and advice encouraging self-learning.

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