Tutoring to involve YOU

Teacher assisting students in one to one learning at Hoxton TutoringAs tutors, we do more than simply teach. Effective tutors are those who one can also call a mentor. Despite upholding the strictest guidelines of professional knowledge, development and conduct we also advise and support our students in a competitive and creative environment. We are a team who understand the demands of education and patiently and positively work with your child.

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to the success of our students. All members of our teaching staff are of a university level or beyond. Our teachers explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, without sacrificing technical accuracy.
All students gain the confidence to ask questions which encourage and support self-learning skills.
Our teachers will ensure our students are continually progressing by providing regular feedback through exams and online assessments.

Our online support system allows for students to ask questions throughout the week while receiving instant help from their class teacher, without needing to wait until next class.

Tutoring that get RESULTS

Confident students achieving their goals at Hoxton TutoringLets show the rest we are the BEST.

We can tell you more, but why don’t we show you? The best way for you to decide whether to choose HPTC is to attend a Free Trial workshop week. Call us or email us. 0423231909 or info@hoxtontutoring.com for further information.

Our students LEARN, not memorise.

We hold this attitude very firmly in the way we teach our students. Our teachers will teach our students until they understand the underlying principles behind any concept, and we simply do not settle for any less.

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