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Are you looking for a tutor?

Are you are looking for primary, or secondary reputable tuition for your son or daughter? Hoxton Tutoring is a purpose build tuition centre in Austral that helps children extend their learning and stretch their abilities further in a range of subjects that includes Math, English, Science, and more.

Every child is different and has different needs, and at Hoxton Tutoring we understand that this is crucial to match the right tutor to each student. With a large number of tutors working at our centre, we will screen your child discreetly and then brief you and match a tutor tailored to help bring out their “best” true potential.


What should I expect from a tutor?


A tutor should be able to help your child and therefore needs to be a very effective communicator, with a warm personality, able to connect and understand children’s needs always teaching them at their level.

Along with being current subject matter experts, able to break down learning concepts, our tutor’s ultimate aim is to help children build confidence in their skills so that they will be able to then help themselves.

So in summary all tutors that work at Hoxton Tutoring are likeable, approachable, expert individuals that share a passion for helping children reach their true potential.


The Benefits of tutoring


Private tuition will improve your child’s grades, confidence, performance at school, and can motivate them to suddenly get an extra interest in a subject.

Tutoring can also develop your child’s study skills and the discipline required for constructive study that is then applied to other subject and to life in general

Tutoring will also provide your child with fast help for areas of study that they may be struggling with at present.


HSC Tutoring


Hoxton Tutoring caters to children from kindergarten right through to primary and year 12, and also provides help to students so that they may achieve greater results from their HSC exams. HSC tutoring can begin at anytime, however it’s always a good idea to plan early and get on top of things from year 11 or even earlier.


Let Hoxton Tutoring find a tutor that’s suitable for your child


If you can see that your child needs some extra academic attention, then talk to us at Hoxton Tutoring and we will quickly


  • Evaluate your child’s needs
  • Devise a suitable plan & strategy
  • Match up a the best suitable tutor on staff
  • Get your child on their way to the help and assistance that they require to improve their grades, confidence, and self-belief.


So in conclusion, if you live in West Hoxton, Horningsea Park, Prestons, Austral, Leppington, Middleton Grange, Edmondson Park or Sydney South West region, and have any questions, or would simply like to find out more about the many ways that tutoring can help your child. Please call Diana Goorkiz on 0438 982 335 email us on our contact page here.




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