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Primary English

Our Primary English program develops the language and literacy skills necessary for success in primary schooling. This program is built upon the requirements of the recently updated NSW English syllabus, ensuring students are well-positioned for achievement in all areas of the new Australian curriculum. Our program is organised by year levels and develops further content, skills and knowledge through the inclusion of extension activities that challenge and advance students.

Specifically, our primary English students will benefit from the following advantages of our English program:

• Rigorous NAPLAN focus based on the three key examinable areas: reading, language conventions and writing. This is built upon throughout the year and especially emphasized in the two terms before NAPLAN so students can refine their skills.

• Comprehension tasks that encourage close reading of a variety of textual forms and develop students’ critical reading and analysis skills which are essential for success in later years.

• A three-step homework program encompassing reading, online tasks and the homework issued by tutors in class. Students complete a minimum of ten minutes for each area daily over six days.

• Regular emphasis on spelling, grammar and punctuation to ensure students can write clearly and possess a vast vocabulary.

• Termly speaking tasks to ensure that students can practice and develop the public speaking skills necessary for the confident expression of ideas.


Secondary English: Years 7 – 10

One on one learning at Hoxton Tutoring

Our English program for students in Years 7 – 10 creates confident learners who are well-prepared for school assessment tasks and examinations. Our program ensures students understand the content taught within their classrooms, whilst developing the skills necessary for senior study. This program is organised according to year groups with extension activities to ensure all students are encouraged to exceed their potential.

Our 7 – 10 program enables student success through:

• Engaging lessons taught by tutors with a university background in secondary English education and real classroom experience.

• A NAPLAN focus for students in Years 7 and 9 developing their skills in reading, language conventions and writing. Rigorous NAPLAN preparation begins two terms prior to examinations to ensure students are well-prepared.

• Focusing on essay writing skills. Students are taught to express their ideas in a well-present and logical manner with attention to detail, sophisticated vocabulary and appropriate structure.

• Developing students’ mastery of a range of text types in terms of comprehension and analysis.

• Exposure to a wide variety of texts in order to develop familiarity and confidence in students’ deconstruction skills. This benefits students in their transition to senior study.

• Targeting the key skills stipulated by the new English syllabus: speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing. These skills are targeted throughout each term to ensure students perform at an outstanding level in school-based assessments.


Senior Study: Years 11 & 12 English

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We understand the importance of senior study, and have individual learning programs tailored to the needs of students undertaking Standard, Advanced and Extension courses in their Preliminary and HSC years.

Our senior classes are taught by dedicated tutors with a degree in secondary English education and real classroom experience. This gives our students an edge and unique advantage in their HSC.

Our senior classes will provide students with the best HSC marks possible through:

• Small group classes organised by individual modules and texts to ensure relevant and insightful discussion of texts and themes.

• Advanced analysis of textual forms and features to set students apart from their cohort.

• Practise tasks in examination conditions to prepare students for writing in a short amount of time, with individual feedback and marks provided to improve students’ results.

• Emphasis on the critical and analytical skills required in the Advanced and Extension streams of HSC English.

• Ongoing mentoring and support from senior tutors

• Access to extensive written responses and resources to help students understand benchmarks in terms of attaining marks of 90+.

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